21 Weeks...

With stuffed animal:

21-week highlights:
  • Henry loves bathtime.
  • Henry is currently taking 3, 45 minute naps/day (although there are variations to this routine)
  • Loves to play with John when he comes home for lunch and after school.
  • Loves to play any variation of the game "peek-a-boo".
  • Continues to roll more and more each day...he is able to get his hands on almost anything he wants using this form of movement.
  • Henry had his first sick visit to the doctor on Monday. He'd been congested for over a week and hadn't been sleeping well, so we took him in. The doctor said he was fine...just typical stuffiness for this time of year. We did find out that his current weight is 19 lbs. 7 ozs. He's one growing boy.

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