22 weeks...

That's right, Henry now sits...

...sort of :)

With stuffed animal:

22-week highlights:
  • Henry sits! He's a bit wobbly, and if he looks up at you he falls over, but if he's holding a toy and looking down he performs quite marvelously.
  • While sitting in a reclined position (in his car seat or bouncer), Henry insists on sitting upright, rather than laying back.
  • Henry is beginning to gain confidence in his ability to attain what he wants. When he reaches for things he does whatever he can to get them. If he's laying on a blanket he will pull the blanket towards himself, which brings his desired toy within reach. He rolls and twists and turns until he is able to get to what he wants. He doesn't always succeed, but I'm quite impressed with his determination.
  • We began feeding Henry rice cereal this past week. He loves it!
  • Henry loves to rub John's head with his hands. When John lifts him up and rubs his head on Henry's belly he almost always laughs.
  • Henry is back to waking up twice each night. I am usually up with him for 15-20 minutes, which is manageable for me.


Denise Feil said...

we have got to do something about that comb over.... oh no no no.... not on my nephew.

andrew feil

Jill said...

I love that second picture. He's looking up like "if I look like I'm really concentrating on the trees no one will notice that I fell over". Too cute. Give him hugs and kisses for me!

Sheila said...

Katie I can't believe he's sitting up...he's going to be driving before I get to meet him! That's it, girls weekend it needs to be! Unfortunately basketball is coming soon so life will end for a little while. I love Andrew's post about the comb over...leave it to the uncle to look out for things like that! Baby's hair is just so hard because it's trying to figure out what it wants to do! I hope all is going great.