4 months...

Just returned from the doctor. All seems to be well. The doctor told me I could wait until he turns 6 months old to start him on solid foods since he seems to be growing well.

4-month stats:
Weight: 18 lbs. 11 1/4 ozs. (95th percentile)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (95th percentile)

*For comparison, John's stats at 4-months were: weight: 18 lbs. 13 ozs. & height: 27 1/2"

*I've come to realize that measuring babies isn't an exact science. When John and I measured Henry at 3 months we found him to be 26 inches, and this month the nurse measured him at 26 1/4...we may do a little measuring ourselves later to see if this was on the conservative side. He was a bit wiggly today...

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Colette said...

I had to chuckle at the weight, Katie -- our little Avery (14 months) is weighing in at a whopping 19 pounds!