Henry's new ball...

...This has to be my new favorite project. This pattern comes from Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me and is comprised of a variety of pentagons & hexagons. I used some of my very favorite scraps in a rainbow of colors and love the way it turned out! It was a little time consuming...I cut out the pieces while playing with Henry on the floor & sewed it together after he went to bed, but it can surely be completed in one day. The pictures below show the same ball (only one ball, not 3) from different angles so that I was able to capture the different fabrics I used. Isn't it grand?!

angle #1

angle #2
angle #3

As an indicator of the size of the toy, here are Henry & John holding it:


JHRME said...

Oh wow! That is a fabulous project! Turned out great!

toni said...

That picture is so cute! Great project.

Restyled Home said...

Gorgeous ball, but your baby steals the prize for unbeievable scrumptiousness! Those cheeks...!!
Lucky you!

Enjoy every minute. My baby turns nine in a couple of weeks :(