Henry rolls (and rolls, and rolls...)

I'm constantly amazed at how often Henry runs into things...He has perpetual red marks on his face because he simply rolls until he cannot roll any more. The wall, ottoman, side table, bathtub...those are the only things that will stop his movement. Yet when he reaches them, he doesn't just stop rolling, he has to roll until his face is pressed up against said object, thus resulting in the constant barrage of facial redness. I feel bad for him, but he doesn't seem to mind. He rarely cries when this happens and it appears that he rather enjoys being pressed up against stationary objects in the house. Funny little guy.


Kelly said...

I love this picture

JHRME said...

Funny imagery!

JHRME said...

Er well actually I guess its not imagery. But it makes me laugh picturing it. And the photo is comical!