G. Sue's 80th birthday...

G. Sue turns 80 years old this year. She has been looking forward to her 80th birthday party for quite some time now, and it finally came to be. She tells us she is going to live to be 100, which isn't such a crazy thought since her mother lived into her late 90's (I think I'm correct on this number, at least). I think G. Sue had a fantastic day, she was delighted to spend the afternoon and evening with her family and close friends and to introduce us all to the many special people in her retirement community. Happy Birthday G. Sue!

I love this picture of G. Sue & Henry

My cousin Kenny's two sons. Aren't they just the cutest?

With 2 younger brothers to look after, Lathen is quite the caretaker. He even took to looking after Henry.

Here he is again "reading" to Henry

And, of course, Denise and me

I felt like I took lots more pictures, but I think I must have been taking them with other people's cameras because I have very few photos to show for myself. Oh well.

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