41 weeks...

...We're just 4 days shy of the point at which Henry will be outside of my womb as long as he was in. Strange, but necessary, I suppose.

mid-cough (he's been doing a lot of that lately):

With stuffed animal:

41-week highlights:
  • Henry likes to stand up and push the laundry basket around the family room while I fold clothes...he's getting ever so close to walking.
  • Nighttime sleeping has been disrupted by Henry's coughing and congestion. The last 2 nights have been difficult, we're hoping for an improvement tonight.
  • Naps? Um, what naps? Napping while congested has been next to impossible for Henry. I can get him to sleep while nursing only.
  • Still continues to babble and talk.
  • I gave him yogurt and small pieces of a bagel for the first time this week, along with regular oatmeal and a bit of fruit smoothie.
  • He just can't get enough of John when he comes home from practice. It's pretty sweet.

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