42 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

42-week highlights:
  • Henry's standing has improved greatly in the last week. He is now able to crouch and stand back up without grabbing onto anything.
  • Cheerios are his favorite. I think he might turn into a cheerio if we're not careful.
  • Bad nights are upon us once again. We put in a few long nights last week and thought we had him sleeping through the night again, but that only lasted 2 nights. So we're back to working on it. Hopefully he'll figure it out soon. It sure is depressing to go backwards in this area.
  • Henry loves to bounce. I put him on my mom's exercise ball yesterday and bounced him up and down and he thought this was the greatest thing ever.
  • I'm pretty sure Henry is thankful that this is the last week of basketball season for daddy (I know I sure am). We will be seeing a lot more of him after Friday, and we couldn't be happier about it. (Just for the record, we love basketball season...we also love when basketball season is over. I think it's fair to love both).


shelly's sewing shrapnel said...

i can tell you have a new camera, nice pictures

Jill said...

It is definitely ok to be happy basketball is over. I've been counting down for weeks.