Rose Bowl Flea Market...

We took Henry to his first flea market on Valentine's Day. John was excited because they were hosting a comic book and sports card memorabilia event in the Rose Bowl locker room...and his excitement was over the fact that this event was in the locker room, he couldn't care less about comic books & sports cards. So, of course, he made me walk down there with him and take pictures of Henry (and himself) in front of the lockers. If Henry grows up to be anything like his father, he will have the deepest appreciation for these photos one day.

We were joined at the flea market by the loveliest of folk:
Denise & Andrew

and Nathan & Adrianne

We played this really cool game while we were eating our lunch called, "Baby in the Middle". You should play sometime, it's really fun. You just put a baby in the middle of a circle and then watch him crawl from person to person. Then you laugh at all of the baby's cute little noises & movements. Fun, right? We thought so too :)

I almost bought Henry his eventual big-boy bed. It was a sweet wooden bed with a spindle-y headboard & footboard...for $45. Good deal, but the lady in front of me thought so too, and she got it. Bummer.
But...I did manage to snag the E, N, R, & Y for Henry's name. I already had the "H". I love the way it looks on top of the shelf Grandpa Bob made for his room.

'Till next time Rose Bowl flea.


toni said...

The letters look really cute!

live a colorful life said...

The letters are awesome! I SOOOO want to go to the Rose Bowl flea market sometime.

shelly's sewing shrapnel said...

locker room pics are great!

JHRME said...

Those letters are the best! And I love the pictures of Henry sitting IN the locker!

Colette said...

Did you get any W's???????? LOVE the letters!!