45 weeks...



With stuffed animal:

45-week highlights:
  • Our central theme this past week was walking. Henry is taking up to 6-8 steps at once and is now choosing walking over crawling when he wants to move from one piece of furniture to the next (as long as the furniture is fairly close together).
  • Henry loves going to John's tennis practices. He loves to get tennis balls and then drop them and watch them bounce.
  • Henry loves to be outside, but interestingly enough, he doesn't like to touch the grass. He's fine if he's sitting on a blanket and touching the blades with his fingers, but his whole body, no way.
  • Night sleeping is great! (right now) Goes to bed at 7ish and wakes up between 6 and 6:30 usually.
  • Henry loves to explore. He is the most content when he is opening cupboards & drawers and pulling out their contents. Because of this, Henry is really beginning to enjoy new places. He used to be really quiet and stoic, but now he seems to be quite happy in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Henry is working on 3 top teeth now! 2 more have popped through in the last week.
  • Diaper changes are the worst. Henry is so squirmy that I can hardly get the job done. I'm beginning to think that onesies are going to be a thing of the past. Those 3 snaps just about do me in every single time.
  • Naps have been spent largely on me the last few days. I've been a bit under the weather and just found out today that I have pharyngitis & a sinus infection which is causing pressure buildup in my ears. I can hardly talk and am basically a pathetic mess, so a nap schedule is the least of my concerns these days. Hopefully we'll figure something out next week.
  • John told me I wrote too much. He says that Henry's week can be summed up like this...HENRY WON'T STAY STILL. A man of few words, that John :)


Cathy said...

HAHAHA Squirmy huh?? I just tried to change a 6 month old's diaper the other day and he was ridiculoiusly squirmy too! It definitely takes talent, so I'm impressed that you can successfully change it day in and day out.

Hope you feel better soon...!

Sharon said...

I can add one more thing to the list. Henry loves stairs. He can go up in a flash and if he was allowed he would do a head dive down! I would turn him around to show him how to go down backwards, but then he would notice that he could go up again and off he would go!

Anonymous said...

So fun that Henry is walking now.