We spent the weekend in Fresno. John & Jay watched the Valley Championship basketball games at Selland Arena (they were there from 12pm-10pm!) & Henry and I spent the day with some very dear friends & family. We ate lunch with my friends (& former college rommates) Sheila & Maurecia at Sunnyside Deli, and as a bonus even got to see Maurecia's new house. It is always a treat to see them and catch up. It was especially nice to finally be able to introduce them to Henry.

After lunch Denise & Jill & I did a little shopping. (I'm not a big shopper, but my wardrobe last spring was filled with maternity clothes & last summer...post-pregnancy clothes. I was in dire need of a few staples). Henry couldn't have been happier about having his 2 aunties around! He sure does love them alot. Good thing Fresno isn't too far away.

We stayed the night with Denise & Andrew as we were planning to spend time with Grandma Sue, but unfortunately she got sick and was unable to hang out with us. The good news about our overnight stay was that Henry slept through the night in the pack 'n play! This was a welcome miracle. No earplugs for Uncle Andrew this time :)

Andrew made a smoothie in the morning (he's still on his liquid diet as a result of his broken jaw) & Aunt Denise shared hers with Henry. I'm pretty sure he drank the whole cupful. He loved it!

After Henry finished his smoothie, we headed to Batter Up, a baseball themed breakfast restaurant to celebrate John's birthday with Jay & Jill. The food was delicious, but, of course, the company was even better. Henry loved playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Jill while we were there.

I think this weekend was a simple reminder of how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends & family.

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live a colorful life said...

How fun. I especially love that last picture of Jill and Henry.