A trip to Fresno...

My mom, Henry, and I took a trip to Fresno yesterday to visit G. Sue and Denise. It was fun...something that should be done more often to be sure. We ate at Panera Bread for lunch, spent some time at G. Sue's senior community, and then visited with Denise at her school. A good day all around.

I'm pretty sure my grandma has the classiest apartment in the complex. She's quite the decorator. But my very favorite thing about my grandma's apartment is that she calls her patio/deck area her "veranda". Doesn't that sound so fancy?

My grandma told me that she has an extra wooden headboard just like the one pictured above and that I can have it! Woohoo, my search for a wooden headboard just ended...as long as she can figure out where it's being stored and can ensure that she didn't already promise it to someone else :)

G.G. (Great-Grandma) Sue & Henry

Grandma's friend, Glen...he carries his cell phone in his breast pocket too. It didn't take very long for Henry to find it.

After visiting with grandma, Henry loved playing outside with Aunt Denise. (Just for the record, her clothing choice reflects her participation in 80's day...not a lack a fashion sense.)


Suzanne said...

Great photos. I love the headboard and how special that it is from great grandma. Lots of great memories here especially for grandma Sue. Good for you for taking the time to go.

Cathy said...

Cute! haha about Denise's clothes...wow, I totally remember styling like that... :)

JHRME said...

What an awsome headboard! And a fun day! It's raining in Idaho...I miss the warm weather!