49 weeks...

With stuffed animal:

49-week highlights:
  • Henry is beginning to copy some of the things that he sees John and me do. Examples include: taking a closed pen and moving it around on a piece of paper, putting his washcloth on top of his soap bottle, lowering his upper body to the ground as he watches John do push ups, and putting dirt clods on top of the spray nozzle on the hose. It's fun to watch his little mind at work.
  • What isn't fun is that Henry has entered a very serious momma's boy phase. We put him in the church nursery in Fresno on Easter Sunday, and since then he's had a difficult time being away from me. (This is is no way the fault of the nursery workers...just the result of being left in a new environment).
  • As a result of his separation anxiety, he is bursting into tears much more often, and for no apparent reason. He just wants to be close to mama all.the.time.
  • Sleep. Not Henry's specialty. He's having trouble falling asleep at night, and his naps have been a somewhat consistent 40 minutes twice/day. He's also waking up earlier than usual.
  • Henry loves the broom. He pushes it around the kitchen and dining room for as long as I'll let him.
  • Henry's favorite thing is to be held by mom, and at the same time laugh and giggle at dad. But if dad holds him...he will often stop laughing & giggling and turn around and reach back to be held by mom. (not always, but sometimes).

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Suzanne said...

Henry's look is really changing from a baby to a big boy. Can't wait until his first hair cut. Sorry he's not sleeping more. = (