Easter festivities...

Our Easter festivities began with bunny making at Grandma Net's house this year. She makes a sweet yeast dough and then cuts it into strips and the strips are shaped to form bunnies (as seen below). We bake the bunnies and then frost them (2 coats of frosting...that's how Grandma likes them) and then we put sprinkles on them (or not...some in the family don't like sprinkles). Then you eat them. I think John had 6. I only had 2...and they were small. This is a great Fast family tradition. It's not Easter without grandma's bunnies!

Julie frosting of the bunnies

After lunch and bunny making at grandma's we headed to my parent's house so that Henry could take a nice long afternoon nap (yeah right) and have a little egg hunt. He wasn't so much into hunting eggs, but he sure did look cute in his Easter outfit!

On Easter Sunday we traveled to Fresno for a very special Easter celebration at Jay & Jill's church in Fresno. Afterwards we had an indoor picnic at the Wiens' with Jay's family. It was fun!

Jay's nephew was 4, and the youngest in the family, so he had fun being the "big kid" and playing with Henry.

After our indoor picnic we traveled to meet Henry's newest second-cousin, Micah! He traveled all the way from Cambodia to meet his California family members. We have grown to love his mama Sina, and we can't help but be enamored with Micah as well.

Proud Grandpa Steve

Sina & Henry

Great-Grandpa Art & his 2 great-grandsons

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