One year ago today...

...I looked like this:

And my day went like this:
  • 7:30 am- Final ultrasound & NST appointment. Confirmation of scheduled induction by doctor.
  • 10:00am-Checked into birthing center.

  • 11:30am- 5cm dilated but not a contraction to be found...rupture of the water bag results, and was thought to be sure to carry me into labor nicely...
  • 12:30pm-Pitocin started (The first of 3 rounds given...)
  • 3:00pm-Contractions start with great force & almost no relief.
  • 6:00pm-After 3 hours of intense labor the nurse tells me that I'm a whopping 6 cm...all that work for 1 cm. Nice. I break down and get an epidural.
  • 6-9pm-sleep
  • 9:00pm- 10 cm!
  • 9:30pm-start pushing
  • And yeah, Henry's birthday isn't today...it's tomorrow...I spent 2 hours & 40 minutes pushing to get that son of mine out. But oh was it worth it!
  • So, even though his birthday is the 29th of April, I think it appropriate that I spend today remembering my experiences on the 28th. What a day!

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Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Henry! How fun to see how much he's grown and how this past year has had so many changes for you.