And they're out!

I finally found what I was looking for this morning and oh boy was I happy. I think I may have done some sort of funny looking fist pump when I saw those pennies (although I initially thought there was only one because they were perfectly stuck together!). I think we can finally put this ordeal behind us. Whew!

A few reflections on this experience:
  • Clearly those pennies were moved by God. We were told numerous times that if coins have been in the stomach for 3 weeks they aren't likely to go anywhere. We were also told that 2 coins were not likely to pass because they have a tendency to stick together (which apparently makes it difficult to pass them). Either way, the pennies are out. And we know Who was responsible for their emergence.
  • God has a sense of humor. I prayed repeatedly that Henry's procedure would be so simple. No complications, just a remarkably easy procedure for Dr. Cynamon (isn't that an awesome last name?) I'm pretty sure this procedure was the easiest one he's ever had. Is there anything easier than not actually having to do the work that you thought you were scheduled to do? Nope.
  • I'm pretty convinced that these pennies have been responsible for 3 1/2 weeks of horrible nighttime sleep for Henry. I'd say we were bordering on newborn sleep patterns these past few weeks. After the pennies passed this morning, Henry fell asleep on the couch with me for a nap AND he fell asleep on the couch with me before his regular bedtime. I'm praying for a good night's sleep tonight!

Now to leave you with a nice little quote from John
"Henry's so rich, he's pooping pennies!" (haha)

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Anonymous said...

haha great quote :) Wow that's crazy! What a great outlook tho, and i"m glad everything is ok!