Basketball season is underway. Games are a few weeks away yet, but practices are in full-swing. This means that our resident husband & father tends to get a bit preoccupied with things such as player evaluations, which eventually leads to much mental energy being given to team composition and player dismissal (i.e. cuts). This is the life of a coach in the pre-season. John and I decided a long time ago that the best way to deal with basketball season for our family was to sandwich the season with weekend getaways.

We were finally able to take our pre-basketball season trip this past weekend. John took Friday off, so we left Thursday evening and managed to enjoy a long weekend at the Penner beach house in Pismo. It was a much needed vacation for all of us. Thanks to Grandpa Art & Grandpa Donna for allowing us to use their house!

And, of course, the pictures:

Now when Henry holds the basketball we ask him to show us his "moves". His "moves" consist of spreading his legs (like you see below) and throwing the ball as far as he can. We really need to get this on video.

We spent a little bit of time at the beach, but due to the cold and rainy weather we weren't there as long as we would have liked.

John forgot a hat, so he borrowed Grandpa Art's "Hughson Nut" hat. He looked kind of funny in it, since I usually see him in only blue and gold headwear :)

Denise and Andrew were staying in Morro Bay for the weekend, so they came to Pismo on Saturday to hang out with us!

Henry's newest favorite activity at the beach house is the outdoor shower. I think he could have played in the warm water for hours.

Lots of time was spent inside the house too...

I think we all feel better prepared to face the season after our trip. It's amazing how refreshing a weekend away can be!

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toni said...

So glad you were able to get away!