19 months...

Henry looking quite like an athlete...

And to demonstrate his athletic prowess...Henry shows me he can jump off of the bottom step:

19-month highlights:
  • I'd say Henry slept through the night about 50% of the time this last month. A marked improvement from pretty much never during the month of October :) Henry's sleep habits continue to be very fragile. They are easily bothered by the slightest of things: a runny nose, a trip out of town, a scrape or bruise, bad day, etc. Each time his sleep schedule is disrupted, it takes us a good 3 or 4 night to get him back on track. Constant maintenance.
  • Henry continues to take his nap at 1:00 in the stroller. I'm really enjoying this crisp afternoon weather we've been having.
  • Henry literally says the word "bah-bah" 1,000 times per day! It's his favorite word. He likes to say "mama" and "dada" a lot too, but "bah-bah" is by far his favorite. Other words he says: "ot" (hot), "uh-oh", "boo" (moo), "vroom-vroom" (for any vehicle).
  • When Henry wants something I always tell him to say "Please, mama." Obviously, for a boy of so few words, "please" isn't going to happen for awhile, but, whenever he wants something he will look at me, then look up, and say "mama" very slowly, which means "please" to him. It's really quite sweet.
  • Henry now bows his head while we pray. So cute. He still holds our hands (or anyone else's hands) while praying as well.
  • Balls are this boy's best friend! He almost always has a ball in his hands when we leave the house. Up until this week it was always a basketball, but Aunt Jill and Uncle Jay loaned him a football this weekend, and Henry has hardly been able to let go of it. (Notice the pictures above).
  • Henry loves to go to the gym with his daddy. Sometimes John will take him to the first part of practice while I clean up dinner, and then I will go pick him up. He loves this special time with his daddy.
  • Henry has discovered Toy Story...and loves it!
  • Puzzles have started to have some appeal to Henry lately. He is really quite good at matching the pieces to their proper place (i.e. matching the puzzle piece image to the puzzle board image) but he isn't very good at twisting the pieces around to actually make them fit in their home. That will come though.
  • Henry has really started to become a little show off. Some of his favorite people to show off for: His grandparents, aunts & uncles, and the girls on John's tennis team :) He has also become quite friendly to those we see regularly at church.
  • Henry still loves the nursery at aerobics, but the church nursery and Bible Study nursery aren't so much his favorite.
  • Henry has a problem with hitting. He is disciplined most often for this offense.
  • Currently Henry enjoys eating: raisins (his ultimate favorite), smoothies, juice (mostly watered down), crackers, apples (and most any fruit), cereal, granola, yogurt, meat (most any kind), bread (although it is rapidly losing it's appeal), and pasta. He just doesn't really care for vegetables, despite my best efforts. Thankfully, he gets lots of spinach in his smoothies.
  • Henry loves to do dishes (i.e. play in the water at the sink)
  • We are very much enjoying Henry at this age. I love to watch his skills develop, and I especially love to watch his admiration for his daddy grow each day.

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Anonymous said...

aww What a delightful boy!! So fun to watch him grow up with you guys.