My advent calendar...

I kept this calendar because it was the last one I made and required some extra piecing due to the fact that I was only planning on making 3 calendars, not 4. Pocket #'s 5 & 19 were pieced so that I could use a dark green print in the calendar and the binding used every last inch of my red polka dot fabric. Because of these things, I decided it was best to keep this one for myself. I think it still looks pretty cute though.

A few additional notes on the calendars:
  • Instead of using applique or embroidery to make numbers for the pockets, I took the easy route and printed them off on fabric printer paper and then ironed them onto the pockets. If I was only making 1 calendar I would have used embroidery, but for 4, I knew the printer was my best option.
  • I machine quilted each calendar by stitching around each pocket. I really like the way it turned out.
  • Each calendar is held up with a dowel on the back and then hung using a piece of ribbon.
A very fun project...but I'm glad that they are now in the hands of their new owners and not draped over my sewing machine.

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