Baseball with dad...

Henry's latest afternoon obsession is playing baseball with John. His interests definitely follow the sports seasons. He loves tennis during tennis season, basketball during basketball season, and now baseball during baseball season.

He's pretty impressive to watch. He always has to wear a baseball shirt when he plays and he always starts out wearing his Dodger hat (it usually ends up on the grass because he likes to wear it low and it prevents him from being able to see very well). He has also found a pair of my winter gloves and likes to put those on when he bats (We have no idea how he came about this interest in batting gloves, but he's pretty committed to it). He has also recently learned, from watching Dodger games with John, that catchers crouch down when they catch. He absolutely WILL NOT play catch with John if he is standing up. He always runs over and pulls John down into a crouch, then he runs a few feet away and kicks up his leg and throws a pitch. Pretty funny. Only time will tell whether his sports obsession continues with such fervor, but I know that for now John is certainly enjoying sharing his love for sports with his son!

Sometimes Henry gets confused and thinks that a pitcher needs to crouch when they throw...that's what he's doing here:

And sometimes he thinks batters need to crouch too:

I wish I were better at taking pictures, this picture has such great potential:

Here's Henry telling John how he needs to stand:

More crouching:

One thing that we can learn from watching Henry play sports is that he is extremely observant. He notices every little detail about the games he watches, both in person and on TV, and he likes to do things exactly as they should be done. In our town, kids can play youth sports at the age of 3 1/2. I used to think that this was too young, but I can already see that Henry will be begging us to play even before that. I can just imagine him telling the other kids how to hold their bat or run the bases, or even getting mad at them if they don't throw the ball to the right spot. We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out :)


Sharon said...

Wow does this post bring back memories. When John was not much older then Henry he would insist on wearing not just the right shirt and hat, but white baseball pants and stirrups as well. Bob suggest playing ball and it would take John 30 minutes to get ready! After they would get started John would find an excuse to slide on the grass because you weren't a real baseball player unless you had grass stains on your pants. All this to say that Henry is certainly showing signs of following closely in his father's footsteps!

Suzanne said...

We need a video please... and a baby girl for mommy to sew with. = )

Jill V said...

NOR has some programs for kids starting at 2. :) They have one called "Kidz Love Soccer." Though soccer is not his favorite sport, Cade is really enjoying it.