Week 7...

We've been at the beach, so this post is late, but the pictures were taken on time...

Blurry, but it's the best smile I could capture:

Week 7 highlights:
  • The smiles just keep coming and we all are loving them!
  • Charlie experienced his first tent camping trip this week at Carpinteria. He was the best sleeper ever! In fact, he slept through the night both nights! I think the ocean provided the perfect amount of white noise for him. I'm thinking we need to start playing some white noise in our room at night to aid his sleep at home too :)
  • I'm starting to work on getting Charlie on some sort of schedule. With John starting work meetings next week, and teaching the following week, I'm about to face the sad reality that I won't have him around to help me anymore. Time to figure out a new routine that will work for all 3 of us while we are home during the day. I'm kind of nervous.
  • If Charlie is super fussy and white noise doesn't work, I can usually swaddle him really tightly and rock him and he will calm down and fall asleep for me. Not always, but often enough to consider it a viable soothing option.

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