Week 8...

8-week highlights:
  • Charlie is starting to coo and make happy noises.
  • He is really starting to focus and even seems to be noticing his toys above him in his bouncer.
  • Lots of spit up from this little guy. Today I had him laying on the floor a good 8 inches away from a wall and when I turned around to pick him up he had spit up all over the blanket AND the wall! Lots of clean up on that one.
  • We're not on any sort of schedule at this point. Once school starts next week we'll work on that.
  • I usually put Charlie down for the night around 10:00. This means that he'll either wake up once (around 4ish) or sleep all the way until 6am. If I put him down earlier he usually wakes up twice and I'm not a big fan of that.
  • Henry is now starting to say Charlie's name instead of just calling him "baby".
  • Next week marks the start of the school year...we'll see how I do with both boys by myself all day. Hopefully I'll find my stride quickly :)

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