Toy storage cupboard...

I accidentally took on a little furniture painting project. My dad salvaged these cupboards for me when Rosedale Bible Church was doing a little Sunday School building remodel project. They've been sitting in my Grandma Net's shop for a couple of years now, and I am finally ready to put them to use. I figured I'd just wipe them down and call them good enough. But, as most projects tend to do, this turned into quite a bit more work than I had anticipated.

After looking at the cupboard for about .1 seconds, I realized that the whole top layer of paint was peeling off. I suspect that the last time this cupboard was painted someone layered latex paint over oil based which caused the peeling paint. I figured I'd do a quick sanding, prime the cabinet and doors, paint it and be done. Well, the quick sanding didn't happen. Turns out the entire top layer of paint had to come off otherwise none of my new paint would stick. bummer. So...I've been trying to squeeze in working on this project when I have some free time (which is never...but luckily Sharon, my mom, and John have helped with the boys, so I've had more free time than usual). I was hoping to get it finished by this weekend, but I don't think that's going to happen, but maybe next weekend...hopefully.

It's not anything fancy, but it should meet our needs. I think a fresh coat of white paint will perk this little cupboard right up :)

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