Week 20...

20-week highlights:
  • The main thing to note this week is that Charlie hasn't been sleeping well. He really only wants to take his naps on me, which is sweet, but it is sort of making me a bit crazy. I have things I need to get done during the day! I try to put him to sleep without nursing him, but then he screams in his crib for so long that by the time I get him up, it's time to eat again, and then he falls asleep on me anyways. This isn't foreign territory for me. Henry did these exact same things...and I never really figured out how to make naps work for us. Hopefully I'll have more success with Charlie. I've called in the big guns this week though. Grandma Gail and Grandma Sharon are going to give me some Charlie holding relief later in the week so I can get a few things done. I can't wait!
  • Charlie is still teething heavily...drooling, putting everything in his mouth, fussy, etc.
  • Despite the sleep & teething issues, Charlie still smiles. He has a dimple in his chin and one on his cheek that I hope stick around. They are awfully cute :)


Toni said...

Such a cutie.

Nancy said...

Oh, that little tongue is on such an adorable face!