Week 22...

Week 22 highlights:
  • Charlie is still super happy and smiley.
  • When he is changed and well-fed he likes to lay on the floor and reach for toys and coo. Which is pretty great if you ask me :)
  • He can roll both ways, but really doesn't do it very often. I'm enjoying these fleeting days of keeping him in one spot...and I'm also enjoying the calm before the storm that will be Charlie getting into Henry's things.
  • I've been moving his bedtime up slowly, and right now we're at 7 o'clock-ish. I'm going to push it up as early as it can go...these long days of single-parenting while John is busy with basketball give me serious need for some kid-free time in the evenings.
  • Charlie loves being carried in the ergo carrier. I love using it with him.
  • Charlie is just the best!

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