Christmas books...

Our Christmas books have been out since December 1st and boy are we enjoying them.

There is one in particular that is Henry's favorite. We read it multiple times every single day. Good thing it's one of my favorites too! It's called Who is Coming to Our House. I had never heard of this book until I stumbled upon it last year at Barnes & Noble. So maybe it's a new one for you too. Since it's such a short and simple book, I thought I'd share it with you. Definitely worth purchasing in my opinion :)

Isn't it just the sweetest little book? We're big fans over here.

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kelly said...

I just ordered this! We have been looking to expand our Christmas book supply, so I was very happy to see your review. Thanks!

Also, have you heard of paperbackswap.com? I just discovered it and its a pretty cheap way to get rid of books you don't want (old college paperbacks, etc.) and trade them for books you DO want (children's books). I know you're a book lover. :) Of course, if you love every book you own, then that site will do you no good at all. Haha.