Henry says...

Henry has developed quite the stutter lately. I think his mind is thinking of things to say a whole lot faster than he can actually say them :)

In the last week Henry has been referring to both grandpa's like this in conversation:

me: Henry, who did you build the hotwheels track with?
Henry: That farmer who lives with Grandma Gail.
me: You mean Grandpa Royce?
Henry: yeah.

Henry: I want to go to the Dodger game with the cows.
me: Do you mean the Dodger game with the towels? (as in the towel giveaway)
Henry: No. COWS!
John: Oh, do you mean the Visalia Rawhide game where there is a cow mascot that walks around?
Henry: Yeah, and we can sit on the grass, and he can walk in the bleachers.
John and me: Oh, ok.
Henry: Yeah, I want to go there with Grandma Sharon and that farmer who hurt my finger.
me: Do you mean Grandpa Bob?
Henry: yeah.
(Sidenote: Grandpa Bob took Henry to the bathroom at the hospital while we were visiting Jill and Ruby, and he accidentally smashed Henry's finger in the soap dispenser. Henry was overly dramatic about the whole thing and couldn't seem to get over it. Thus the reference to the hurt finger)

So, apparently Henry likes referring to his grandpas as "those farmers" who live with his grandmas. Pretty hilarious if you ask me!

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Nancy said...

Henry cracks me up! Too funny! You have to read my blog post about Cade's Knock-Knock joke. I think Cade and Henry's minds work a lot the same!http://www.grandbabybliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/knock-knock.html