Week 35...

35-week highlights:
  • Charlie has 3 teeth coming in! I forgot to mention last week that he had another bottom tooth coming in, but now he has 2 top teeth coming in too. Maybe that's why his naps haven't been that great...
  • I finally made him some baby food. We've added yams to his diet and he seems to like them so far.
  • I just have this sneaky suspicion that Charlie has allergies. Now that the weather is wavering between warm and cold, I've noticed his skin has started breaking out more, and his nose is running. He also has quite a rattle in his chest. Poor guy.
  • Charlie's army crawling is getting much faster!
  • Charlie is still going to bed around 7:00pm and waking up for the day around 7:00am. He usually wakes up around 4 or 5 to eat, and then he sleeps with us until he wakes up for the day. This is working out pretty well for us.
  • Charlie is still napping in his carseat on the floor in the kitchen underneath the microwave vent. I try turning on the white noise in his room and putting him in there, but he just doesn't sleep as long there. I'm just going to ride out this kitchen/carseat nap for as long as I can. I don't care where he sleeps, as long as he is sleeping!
  • Charlie does pretty well in the nursery at church. yeah! He is in the nursery at Bible Study during his morning nap time, so he doesn't do quite as well in there, but he's doing fine, all things considered.
  • Oh Charlie, we love you!

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