Henry says...

Today in the car I had a conversation with Henry that went like this...

Henry: Mommy, I am getting bigger!
Me: You are?
Henry: Yes. Bigger and bigger and bigger!
Me: Don't you just want to stay my little boy forever?
Henry: Well...
Me: Ok, what do you want to do when you get bigger?
Henry: I want to play sports. Lots and lots of sports.
Me: What kind of sports?
Henry: Um, well, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey.
Me: Ok, who are you going to play sports with?
Henry: The big boys. And daddy can "denounce" me (his word for announce).
Me: Ok, well what can I do?
Henry: You can be in the bleachers and watch me.
Me: Ok. Can I go to every single one of your games?
Henry: Yes!
Me: Well, what can Charlie do?
Henry: He can be in the bleachers with you.
Me: Well, what happens when Charlie gets bigger and bigger?
Henry: Then he can play football with me. I can be the quarterback and I will pass the ball to him. And you can sit in the bleachers and watch us.
Me: Ok, Henry. Sounds good.
Henry: Yeah.

I think Henry paints a pretty accurate picture of what our future looks like as a family. And that all sounds pretty good to me :)

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