Henry has been really enjoying our warm spring weather. He likes to put on his work boots and dig in the yard. He especially likes to use the hose to fill up all of his holes and create "lakes". The other day I walked outside to find him peeing in one of his lakes! He later told me it was called his "pee lake". I just shook my head at him.

Here are a few other funny things Henry has done/said lately:

--Last week Henry was sick. When I asked him what he needed me to do for him he said, "Mom, I just need you to take care of me. That is what I need." I told him I thought I could do that for him.

--Once Henry started feeling a bit better, I had this conversation with him...
Me: Henry, time to take a nap.
Henry: I don't need to take a nap.
Me: Sick boys always have to take naps.
Henry: I am not sick.
Me: Oh, ok, then you don't need to watch anymore netflix and can go play outside. Only sick boys can lay on the couch and watch netflix all day.
Henry: (After a pause) I am still sick.
**He's no fool.

--Yesterday while I was getting ready, Henry looked at me and said, "You are beautiful, mom." What a sweetie!

--Lately Henry has been going to the bathroom outside in the bushes since he's usually muddy and I don't want to strip him down to take him inside. He's been getting a bit too comfortable with this bathroom method. While at Morro Bay, John took him down to the park, and while there John was talking to another set of parents. After a little while, John looked over, and Henry had pulled his pants down and was trying to go to the bathroom in the sandbox! We're going to have to reign him in a little bit I think.

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