Week 44...

44-week highlights:

  • Charlie had a GREAT week!  I feel like I have my happy little boy back again.  I don't know what happened the last few weeks (month?) but he has been quite difficult for me to handle.  He was super fussy, always wanting to be held, wasn't sleeping well, and was just generally kind of grouchy.  Maybe he had some teeth coming in or maybe he was fighting some sort of illness or allergy?  I don't know, but hopefully his cheerfulness is here to stay.  It's really one of my favorite things about him!
  • Charlie loves to crawl up to me and use my legs to stand up and then reach up for me to pick him up. I remember this stage with Henry and even though it can get sort of annoying, I do think it is very sweet :)
  • Charlie made his first trip to Disneyland this weekend and did so so well!  I was worried about him not sleeping in the car or the hotel room, but he was a sleeping champ!  My worries were all for naught.  Charlie's favorite ride was "It's a Small World".  He smiled and bounced to the music the entire time we were on the ride.  He also loved listening to all the different musical groups that played around Disneyland.  In fact, in order to get him to fall asleep, we just found a place with lots of music playing and it knocked him right out!  I might need to try this at home :)
  • Charlie LOVES meat!  Tonight my dad made ribs (or "meat with bones" as Henry likes to call them) and Charlie loved gnawing on the bones after most of the meat was cleaned off.  Made Grandpa Royce proud.
  • Charlie is starting to become more brave and lets go of whatever he is holding on to while he is standing.
  • Charlie loves to babble and make lots of noise.  I'm starting to her the "ma" sound come out of his mouth, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before he starts saying mama :)
  • Charlie is such a sweetie pie.  I love watching him laugh and smile.  I can't believe we are rapidly approaching his first birthday.  It just doesn't seem possible!

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