A new sandbox...

Grandpa Bob built the boys a new sandbox and it has quickly become the most well-used part of our backyard!  It has been so great to have a place that is large enough for both boys to dig in.  Charlie is a HUGE fan, although he ends up with sand everywhere.  Totally worth it though.  It isn't unusual for us to spend a good hour or more out there together.  So great!

Grandpa Bob accommodated me by putting a ledge around the edge so that I can sit by the boys while they play.  I requested this after seeing Denise and Andrew's raised garden beds.  I don't need to sit by Henry, but when Charlie is in there he needs someone monitoring his sand consumption!  Bob also made a section of the perimeter lower so that the boys can easily crawl in and out (again, this is primarily for Charlie).  The boys love it and I love it too.  Thanks again Grandpa Bob!

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