SLO Children's Museum...

While staying at Pismo we took the boys to the San Luis Obispo Children's Museum.  Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon joined us, and we had a great time.  Henry's favorite part of the museum was the fire station (of course) but he also liked the kitchen area, train activities, and all the outdoor fun!  Charlie just liked toddling around and crawling on/in/through everything he could find :)  The first day that we went, Henry was so sad to leave, so... I took him back for a second day of play while Charlie took a nap.  With these 2 free visits our Kern County Museum membership has officially paid for itself...yeah!

We can't wait to go back again!

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Olive Oyl said...

You should look up the Science Discovery Center in Santa Ana. We took Sam when he was a bit younger than Henry and he had a blast. I think the pass works there too!