Charlie (14 months)...

14-month highlights:

  • My baby is officially a little boy.  These pictures are confirmation enough.  How did this happen?!
  • Charlie is such a funny little guy.  He makes me laugh a lot.  He likes to walk around the house with Henry's undies on his head.  He will grab them out of the laundry basket and then bring them to me so that I can put them on his head, then he will flash a huge grin and resume play.  Hilarious!
  • When Charlie is throwing a fit or just trying to be silly, he does this thing where he lets his whole body go limp and then arches his back and leans his head backwards and flops on the ground.  Sometimes he does it to be funny and other times he does it to make himself difficult to hold.
  • Charlie continues to love playing with books and balls.  He also enjoys playing with Henry's cars and trains sometimes too.
  • Charlie loves to walk around the house with something in his hands.  Lately he seems to like carrying around dirty silverware from the dishwasher, but other times its a soft baseball bat or even his plastic golf club.
  • If we are in the backyard, Charlie's 2 favorite things to do are play golf with John (i.e. throw the golf balls around the yard) and take large handfuls of dirt and throw them into his water table.
  • Now that John is back to work, Charlie becomes so excited when John walks in the door for lunch or when he gets home after tennis practice.  He can hardly contain himself  :)
  • Charlie still loves to copy Henry, although if Henry makes him mad he's taken to biting him :(
  • Charlie still loves to eat almost anything.  He especially likes beans of any kind.  He will eat them by the handful.
  • Charlie is currently sleeping through the night.  He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and sleeps until 5:00ish.  Then he's up for the day.  A little early for my taste, but at least he sleeps all the way through.
  • I am finally having some success with putting Charlie down for naps without nursing him.  Twice now he's managed to cry himself to sleep at naptime.  One of those times he woke up after about 45 minutes and wimpered for awhile and then went back to sleep.  A complete miracle.  The funny thing is that I'm doing the same things I've tried before with regards to letting him cry himself to sleep and for whatever reason, it's working this time, even though it's never worked before.  Oh well, better late than never, I guess :)
  • I cut out Charlie's afternoon feeding this past week, so now all we have left is a morning feeding and a bedtime feeding.  I've kept the morning feeding alive mostly because I was having some success for awhile with getting him to fall back asleep after he ate.  That success seems to be a thing of the past, so I'll probably work on cutting that feeding out soon.  Maybe by 15 months I will have him completely weaned (Henry was weaned by 14 months).  We will see.
  • Charlie was having a few really grouchy days last week and was having a hard time sleeping and we couldn't figure out what was going on.  A few days ago, John was changing his diaper and realized that he has some new teeth coming in, so we're blaming his grouchiness on that. 
  • Overall, Charlie continues to be a delight!  He has a fun and spunky personality and he smiles a lot which makes him so much fun to have around.  I still can't believe that I am lucky enough to be his mom :)

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betsy said...

Katie, he's super cute. Second baby boys are fabulous, as are firsts. :)