Santa Barbara Zoo...

John and I took the boys to the Santa Barbara Zoo while we were in Carpinteria.  It really is a great zoo, although you can definitely spend a ton of money once you get in the park if you want to (feeding the giraffes-$6, feeding the barnyard animals-$2, feeding the penguins-$10, riding the train-$4.50).  Henry, of course, wanted to do all of these things, but he got over it and managed to enjoy the animals without all of the extras.

When we first arrived we went into the bird exhibit and saw these 2 turtles walking across the cement.  Henry LOVED them and watched them walk for a good long while...

Charlie was pretty fascinated with them too...

Of course, just like last year, sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard was a bit hit with Henry...

Fun Day!  We can't wait to go back again next year with Levi!
  • Take a hike (7/17)
  • Visit a splash park
  • Visalia Rawhide game (6/1)
  • Backyard campout
  • Fix our bikes & ride them!
  • Lori Brock Museum (7/5)
  • Chaffee Zoo (6/27)
  • Build PVC Pipe sprinkler (5/29)
  • Visit the Shafter Museum (5/26)
  • Make kabobs (7/10)
  • Go on a picnic (6/1)
  • Try one "new to us" restaurant (24th Street Cafe- Bakersfield, Zorro's- Shell Beach, & Clementine's- Carpinteria)
  • Attend our town's outdoor community concert (6/24)
  • Make homemade ice cream (6/11)
  • Pismo Beach (7/16-7/21)
  • Carpinteria (8/4-8/11)
  • Santa Barbara Zoo (8/8)


shelly said...

1hey.... you did better on your summer list than we did! Funny thing is we did the stuff you missed and you did the stuff we missed! So together its complete!

Toni said...

Your outfit is super cute

Rashed Ahmmed said...

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