Charlie: 18 months...

18-month highlights:

  • Charlie needs to learn how to talk.  He is very communicative, but relies almost exclusively on grunts and gestures...it's getting kind of annoying.  Mama's ready for some words big boy!
  • Words he says: mama, ba (ball), dada (tractor or fire truck...sorry John!), if he wants to put food in my mouth he says "ah!", after we pray he says "men", and he can say a variety of animal sounds (moo, baa, woof, and oink to name a few).
  • Charlie's a huge mama's boy right now.  When I leave him with John he will walk to the front door and hold out his hands and whisper "mama, mama" and silently cry.
  • He still does really well when I leave him in the church nursery, at aerobics, and at Community Bible Study.  Praise the Lord!
  • Charlie is still an incredible eater.  He eats an unbelievable amount of food at every meal.  My dad cut up prime rib for him at Christmas dinner and he ate as much as my dad could give him...definitely more than me!
  • Charlie's favorite foods are: smoothies, oatmeal, MEAT, cheez-its, raisins, bread, granola & yogurt.  He's not a huge fan of soups, but he still manages to eat a lot more of them than Henry.
  • Naps are going so well!  He falls asleep very easily after I read a Richard Scarry book to him and then I lay him down in Henry's bed to sleep.  He usually sleeps between 2 and 3 hours.
  • Night sleeping is not that great though.  He was waking up between 3:00 and 4:00 and then we'd put him in our bed for the rest of the night, but after he had his bought with croup last month, he just seems to be waking up more often.  So, at some point, we should probably let him cry-it-out again but for now, when he wakes up we just put him in our bed.  We sleep fine with him in there (usually) so we haven't kicked him out yet.
  • Charlie definitely has a bit of a defiant streak to him.  When I ask Henry not to do something, (i.e. stop picking your nose, stop yelling, stop jumping, etc.) as soon as Henry stops doing it, Charlie will START doing it.  Frustrating.
  • I can't tell if Charlie is starting to become a bit of a bully or if he just doesn't know his own strength.  The last few times we've been around other kids he has walked right up to them while they were playing and pushed them down :(  We are working on this.
  • Sharing is not a current strength...but I remember Henry at this age and he struggled with this as well!
  • Charlie's current interests are: sports, animals, books (total understatement, he LOVES books), cars, "dribbling" a basketball, putting small people in and taking them out of vehicles, copying Henry, and of course, being with mom.  He also LOVES to look at pictures of Ruby and Levi on the computer.
  • We still love our Charlie boy!

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Olive Oyl said...

When did he get to be such a big boy?? What a cutie!