Henry: 3 1/2 years...

3 1/2 year highlights (or 3 years and 8 months, but who's counting?):
Where to start?  Hmmmm....

  • One strength I have really noticed in Henry lately is his verbal communication.  He has a pretty expansive vocabulary for a 3-year old (well, at least I think he does :) and he is constantly incorporating large words that he hears us say into his conversations.  Not only does he have a pretty good command of language, but I've noticed that he can really use his words to bring joy to other people.  His words are usually very pleasant and he is very quick to offer compliments and words of thanks to people around him.  I wonder if this will continue to be a strength of his in the years to come?
  • Henry still LOVES to play sports.  He loves nothing more than to have me go out into the backyard with him and throw him pitches (even though he tells me I'm not as good as daddy :)  He loves to go to the high school with John and he just generally loves to be active.  The thing about his interest in sports and outdoor activities is that most of them require the participation of another person, so I've noticed that sometimes he has a hard time figuring out ways to play by himself.
  • Besides sports, Henry is still really into fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances.  This Christmas we worked on accumulating a town collection.  The boys got lots of vehicles, a parking garage from Grandma Gail and Grandpa Royce, and Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sharon built them a rescue center (basically a boy dollhouse).  I'm hoping all of these new toys will help Henry learn to how to engage in some good imaginative play (so far so good, I think).
  • Henry absolutely LOVES going to Cubbies!  He was so sad that we had to take 3 weeks off for Christmas.  He is awesome at memorizing his verses (totally capitalizes on his verbal strengths), loves to sing the songs, and is generally eager and enthusiastic about all aspects of the evening.  Working in Cubbies with him has definitely been a highlight for me.  I love watching him bubble over with enthusiasm while he learns about Jesus!
  • Besides Cubbies, he also loves going to Sunday School and Community Bible Study.  I think a structured learning environment is something that he really thrives in (totally his mother's son here!)
  • Henry LOVES to read books!  He's gotten to the point now where he has a few memorized and he can "read" them to us!  So fun to listen to him read to me!
  • Henry definitely wants to learn how to read.  He's starting to ask me questions like this, "Mom, what does 'zrw' spell?"  Obviously that's not a word, but he's really starting to latch onto the idea that a series of letters forms a word.  Reading will be here before we know it!
  • Puzzles are a current interest of Henry's.  He's getting quite good at them too!  The Melissa and Doug floor puzzles are our favorites.
  • We are currently working with Henry on obeying the first time using our jar system.  He is making progress, we think.  Hooray!
  • Henry has been potty trained for over a year now, and now he is night potty trained too!  Yeah!!!!
  • Henry loves to snack.  He tends to get very distracted at mealtimes and would rather talk or pass out napkins or get dropped silverware or get a towel to wipe up spills or do anything other than eat.  Consequently this leads to less mealtime eating and more snacking.  We are working on this.  Right now our current approach to curbing these shenanigans is to just put his plate full of food directly on the counter or in the fridge.  When he asks for a snack I give him his plate of food to finish before I will give him anything else.  At the next meal we start over.  I guess this approach is working out ok.  I'd prefer he just eat his meals in the first place though :)
  • There is still lots more to say, but I think that's good for now.  I love watching Henry learn and grow.  He is such a delight.  Raising our Henry is a blessing!

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