Charlie: 22 months...

22-month highlights:

  • I am loving Charlie at this age!  He cracks me up all day long.  He loves to copy anything Henry does, and if whatever Henry does elicits a laugh, then you better believe that Charlie will come a copyin'.  His tantrums are minimal and he is just generally a fun little guy to be around (although he has his moments, of course...but who doesn't? :)
  • Charlie loves to get horsey rides.  He has a straw cowboy hat that he likes to put on and will then demand "Neigh-Neigh!" (which is his way of asking for the horsey ride :)  If you get down on  your hands and knees for any reason, Charlie will yell "Neigh-Neigh!" and come and jump on your back.  It's pretty cute!
  • Charlie loves to watch videos on Netflix (Unfortunately, his brother is rubbing off on him in this area too).  He likes to watch Mighty Machines and Busytown among others.
  • Charlie loves to gather up ALL the pillows in the house (and I am not even exaggerating when I say ALL) and throw them in a pile and jump on them.  He learned this from his brother, of course.  I personally could do without this little game.  All of our pillows seem to have splitting seams, and I have no motivation to repair them because I know it will likely just happen again if I do.
  • Charlie loves to play outside.  He can spend a good hour or more playing in the playgarden.  He has just recently discovered the joy that is spraying the house and making mud, so that is what he is usually up to when he's outside :)
  • He also loves to wear helmets of any kind.  He loves to wear our batting helmet, but for some reason he thinks he needs to wear it backwards.  I've tried to turn it around for him, but he's not interested (there is a picture of this above).
  • Charlie is really enjoying his tricycle that was handed down to us from cousin Elinor.  When we go on family walks, Henry rides his new bicycle and we push Charlie on his tricycle which works out well.  He loves to wear his bicycle helmet while he rides :)
  • Charlie is starting to add a few more words to in repertoire.  He can now say "Ma" for Matt Kemp.  If you ask him who the Dodger's centerfielder is, that's what he will say.  He can also say "mi"for milk and "tuhtuh" for turtle.  His vocabulary is coming along!  And even though he can't say too many words yet, he understands EVERYTHING you say to him.
  • Charlie has become really interested in the moon and stars.  He loves to go outside at dusk or after dark and stare up at the sky and point to them.
  • Charlie is finally finding his nighttime sleeping groove.  I'd say he sleeps through the night probably 4-5 times/week, which is HUGE for us!  I'm not really sure what we did to get him to do this, but hey, we'll take it!
  • He is also napping well too.  He sleeps in Henry's bed and usually sleeps about 2 hours/day.
  • Eating is still going well.  He is sure enjoying strawberry season!  I think we keep our local strawberry stand in business :)
  • I may need to come back and add more later, but that's it for now.  Charlie is a lot of fun to be around and we love him to pieces.

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