Baby #3: Weeks 25-30

So, to add to the list of fluke-y things that have happened to me this pregnancy...John and I have been battling a bed bug infestation (our bedroom only)  And, apparently, it is quite common for bed bugs to prefer one person over another, and you'll never guess which one of us they liked best...me!  Which means that I got COVERED with large, red, ITCHY, welt-like bed bug bites while John got a small rash on his shoulder blades.  This has been quite the ordeal over here.  We think we have them under control now, but we won't know for a few months since it can take that long for rogue eggs to hatch.  Seriously, this has been AWFUL!  John and I spent a week sleeping on our aerobed in the front room while we were having our bedroom cleaned and sprayed.  A pregnant lady on an airmattress isn't ideal :/  Other than my issues though, the baby is checking out well and is growing and VERY active.

Week #25:

Week #26:

Week #27 (the week we spent dealing with our bedbugs!):

Week #28:

Week #29:

 Week #30

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