Corners of Our Home: Bedroom redecorating...

We've done a little redecorating in our bedroom.  After our July bed bug debacle we were forced to do some serious cleaning, purging, and reorganizing of the room.  Many things were thrown away, others were deep cleaned, and still others had to be relocated.  It was a frustrating experience to stay the least.  But, it did push us to get some projects done that I've had on my mind for awhile.  We finally (after 8 years!) got a headboard.  It is metal, the most bed bug resistant headboard option!  We also put up some shelves on either side of the bed to help each of us store some of our own special things: books, cards from the boys, golf scorecards, etc.  Our bedroom has been a dumping ground for far too long.  I'm hoping these updates will help me keep our room tidy, but we'll see.

Big improvement.

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