Luke: Week 3...

 3-week highlights:

  • Luke is really starting to wake up.  He spent the first 2 weeks of his life being a pretty sleepy baby, but now he's starting to stay awake more.  This is good, I suppose, but sometimes he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's awake, so he is spending much of his awake time fussing.  Par for the course.
  • Now that Luke is awake more, I often hear choruses of "Luke's eyes open!!!" from Henry and Charlie.  They love to point this out to me :)
  • We usually put Luke down to sleep around 9ish and he wakes up about 3 times every night.  Usually around 12:30ish, 3:30ish, and 5:30ish.  He eats for about 20-30 minutes and then goes down pretty easily after that.  Now that I just typed that, I will probably jinx myself tonight ;)  I'm fine with waking up in the middle of the night as long as he goes back to sleep easily, and so far so good with that!
  • Luke is the NOISIEST stretcher and waker-upper!  He makes super loud grunting noises that sound like he's about to start crying, but that's just his wake up call, I guess.  We get lots of looks from those around us in church when this happens :)
  • Luke made his first long car trip yesterday.  We traveled to Fresno for G.G. Sue's 84th birthday party.  He slept the entire drive both ways!  Henry and Charlie were great carseat travelers so hopefully Luke will be the same too.  He's off to a good start!
  • John is the king bouncer in this house.  If Luke's fussy and it's not time to eat John turns on the microwave vent and is able to hold him and bounce him in such a way that he immediately relaxes and almost always falls asleep.  If he's hungry though, watch out, there isn't anything that can soothe him but mom :)
  • So far Luke seems to be very much like his brothers.  There isn't anything that has been too much of a surprise to us.  He definitely looks and acts just like the 2 Wiebe boys before him :)  We love him to pieces!

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