Luke: Week 8

Week 8 highlights:
- Luke gives the sweetest lopsided gummy grins.
- He seems to be starting to make some happy noises when he is content. His little baby coos are so adorable!
- He seems to be feeling better after his bout with RSV. Yeah!!!
- Luke has been taking almost all of his naps in his co sleeper. Today he slept for 2 1/2 hours during the afternoon!
- Luke is still sleeping well at night. He usually sleeps about 6 hours during the first part of the night and then 3 hours after that. I'll take it!
- we are still completely smitten with him!

**My weekly updates probably won't be posted "weekly" but the pictures are taken and updates are written weekly, it's just too hard for me to get everything uploaded and posted in a timely fashion.  I suppose 3 kids and keeping an updated blog doesn't quite work out so well for me ;)

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