Luke: Week 7...

I should have rotated these first few pictures, but seeing as how I have very little spare time on my hands, I am just proud of myself for getting them posted :)

7-week highlights:
This was quite the week for the Wiebe family.  On Sunday John, Luke, and I spent the morning in urgent care because I was struggling with horrible sinus pain.  Turns out it was a sinus infection, so I got a prescription for antibiotics.  The next day I noticed Luke was coughing and had a rattly chest, so I took him to the doctor where we found out he had RSV, which can be very scary in infants.  His doctor told me to take this very seriously and told us to go straight to the ER if it got worse at all in the middle of the night, and even gave us his cell phone number and told me to call or text him if we had any questions (love our pediatrician!)  We gave Luke nebulizer treatments for about 5 days, and now it seems like the worst is behind us.  He still has a cold, but he is sounding better, thankfully.  Then, 2 days after the RSV diagnosis, John got sick and ended up with bronchitis, an ear infection, and possibly undiagnosed asthma.  He was given antibiotics as well.  Whew, LONG week!  I am trying to keep Luke away from crowds as much as possible until he is completely healed, but that is so hard to do during the month of December!  Hopefully week 8 isn't quite so eventful ;)

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