Luke: Week 10...

Week 10 highlights:
-Slept through the night (9:30-6:30) twice this past week.
-Still seems to need a good nap sometime between 11-12.
-He loves to watch Henry and Charlie play
-Sometimes when we put him in his bouncer seat he just falls asleep.  I don't know that this EVER happened with Henry and Charlie.
-Loves taking baths.  John's the bath giver around here :)
-I've pretty much exclusively used cloth diapers with him from birth.  Some of these diapers are still the same ones that I used with Henry.  Talk about some serious money saving!
-He is wearing 6-9 month clothes.
-And consequently, he is already giving me a backache :/  These Wiebes boys have all gotten so big so fast that my back just hurts pretty much perpetually until they start walking, at least that was the case with Henry and Charlie and appears to be my lot with Luke as well.  Oh well, totally worth it :)
-Luke is such an easy going baby.  He is happy, smiles alot, and generally has a very sweet demeanor.
-Even though he's only 2 months old, it feels like he's been a part of our family forever!

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