Luke: 13 weeks...

13-week highlights:

  • Luke is now able to completely unswaddle himself at night.  I suppose it's time to put away the swaddle blanket...
  • His core muscles are getting quite strong.  He is able to turn himself so that he is laying on his side almost.  Rolling from back to tummy will be here before we know it.
  • Luke loves his baths!  According to John, it's his best time of the day.
  • He definitely has quite a bit of red in his hair, so we'll see if we end up with a red head!
  • He is still going to bed around 8ish and usually waking up twice, which is very doable.  He is still sleeping in our room, and I kind of like it that way, so I have no idea when we will move him into the crib.
  • As far as naps go, he pretty much just does whatever he wants.  He doesn't really sleep for long periods of time when I lay him down in his bed.  It doesn't matter if he's drowsy or fully asleep, he will usually only stay asleep for about 15-20 minutes before he starts crying, which means he is DONE sleeping.  If he falls asleep in the carseat on a drive or walk home, I have a better chance of getting him to take a really long nap.
  • As far as eating goes, I am basically an on-demand feeding kind of mom.  If he's upset and it's been about 2 hours or so, I feed him.  If he's REALLY upset and it's been less than 2 hours, then I feed him too :)  It works for us.
  • He smiles alot, which we love, of course, and he is even starting to laugh.  Not big belly laughs yet, but small chuckles, which we cherish!
  • We love him to pieces!

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