Luke: 12 weeks...

Love these pictures of our Luke...

12-week highlights:

  • I feel like this past week Luke moved completely out of the newborn phase and definitely into the baby boy phase.  He is much more awake and alert now and really follows everything we are doing.  
  • Unfortunately, just like his brothers, this transition is bringing with it some less than desirable sleep habits.  He isn't really napping. like not at all.  He will fall asleep nursing in about 2 minutes flat, but if I try and lay him down he will sleep for about 15-20 minutes and then wake up screaming.  Not the sweet cooing sounds that he was doing the 11 weeks prior to this, but full on screaming.  And when he starts the full on screaming he is D-O-N-E with his nap.  If I hold him he seems to sleep a bit longer, but he is still waking up even when I hold him.  Today I think he slept for a total of maybe an hour or hour and half.  That's it.  Babies are supposed to sleep.  Mine don't.
  • He is beginning to want to go to bed earlier.  For the first 11 weeks or so we put him to bed between 9-10pm.  Now it's usually between 7:30-8:30.  This is nice because it gives John and I some time together after all 3 boys are asleep, but unfortunately since he's going to bed earlier, he seems to be waking up more.  Usually 2-3 wake ups/night instead of 1.  Bummer.
  • Today was a long day.  Not only did he not take any decent naps to speak of, but when he was awake he pretty much wanted to bed held the entire time.  Combine that with the 3 wake ups last night (and the fact that I was so tired that I fell asleep nursing on the couch for a few hours), I'm feeling sleep deprived.  My sleep deprivation kicks in later, the newborn period for me is the good life :)
  • Oh well, at least he's cute, and if he continues to follow in his brothers footsteps he'll eventually get the sleep thing somewhat figured out.  (We're still working on getting Henry and Charlie to STAY IN THEIR BEDS!) It will just take awhile!  Love this little guy to pieces though!

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