Luke: 15 weeks...

He wasn't particularly happy about taking pictures this week...

15-week highlights:

  • Luke seems to have developed a cold this week and generally isn't sleeping well at all.  Which means Luke's parents aren't sleeping well at all either :(  He wakes up at least 4 times/night which is starting to take it's toll on me in particular.  Looking forward to getting him well.
  • Luke's cold seems to be giving him a really runny/stuffy nose, and a bit of a cough.  It is somewhat difficult for him to nurse since it requires him to breath through his nose.  He manages fine, but he seems to be eating slightly less at each feeding, which means he is wanting to eat more often.
  • Other than the cold, Luke is doing well!  He is still sleeping in our bedroom in the cosleeper which is working out well.
  • Henry and Charlie are both quite good with him and are doing a really great job of recognizing that John and I have to tend to Luke first and them second, at least for now.
  • Hard to believe he's only been with us for 15 weeks.  Remembering life without him is a challenge!

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