Luke: Week 14...

14-week highlights:

  • Starting to reach for toys.
  • Spent 30 minutes in the exersaucer, which was fantastic!
  • Naps are super short if I put him down (30 minutes max), and super long if I hold him (2-3 hours).  This is EXACTLY how Henry and Charlie slept too.
  • We have officially packed away the swaddle blankets and are now just putting him in a sleep sack at night.
  • He loves sucking on his hands.
  • Loves to lay on his changing table when we change his diaper.  We are enjoying this now, because it doesn't take long and we will be fighting him to get that diaper changed ;)
  • He goes to the nursery during Bible Study and Sunday School, but I have yet to put him in the nursery during exercise.  Maybe I'll start that this week.
  • Smiles all the time and is super happy.  We love him so much!

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