Luke: Week 34...

34-week highlights:
  • Luke is crawling, crawling, crawling!
  • He must be teething too because he has been like Jekyl and Hyde lately!  He gets really fussy when I leave him.  We have Vacation Bible School this week and he has been SCREAMING in the nursery, which obviously isn't ideal.  Thankfully, John is able to watch him in the mornings so I can teach at VBS.  He isn't upset when I drop him off at the nursery, but he gets himself worked up once he's been in there a few minutes.  The last few Sundays I've had to go and pick him up out of the nursery during church and Sunday School.  Poor guy!
  • I've been having a really hard time getting him to go to sleep at night lately.  It used to be that I'd feed him around 8:00 and then he'd fall asleep and I would lay him in his crib with no problems.  Lately, I can't seem to get him to sleep for the night until 10 or 10:30.  This means I really don't get any time during the day to myself because he's not taking any sort of consistent nap.  Basically, I'm really tired.
  • I still can't get him to eat food.  He gags on cheerios and any baby food is pushed out of his mouth, not pulled in.  We'll get there someday!
  • He is still pulling himself up on everything.  I'm predicting he will be our earliest walker.  But only time will tell!
  • He also still loves to swing outside.  This is a lifesaver for us!
  • He also LOVES being carried in the ergo carrier.  John and I use it daily.
  • We still love our little guy and can't wait until he gets over this fussy phase!

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