Luke: Week 17...

17-week highlights:

  • Luke loves sitting in the bumbo (we borrowed this from Kate).  While we eat our meals he sits in it on top of the table, which keeps him happy most of the time.
  • Luke is beginning to get distracted while eating, which is frustrating sometimes because he will get fussy because he's hungry, yet when I try to feed him, he'd rather watch his brothers play than eat.  Oh well, life of a third child I suppose.
  • Luke still loves the exersaucer.  I can get a lot done around the house while he plays in there.
  • He is waking up usually twice/night.  Once between 1-2am and another time around 5ish.  Usually when he wakes up at 5, I just nurse him in bed so I don't have to get up a second time :)
  • He's still going to bed between 8:30-9:00 most nights, although tonight he seemed to conk out around 6:00, so we'll see what happens, maybe he's transitioning to going to bed earlier, who knows!
  • He drools CONSTANTLY!  He can soak a bib in less than an hour.  
  • He is still such a happy baby.  Henry and Charlie love to hug and kiss him and just generally have him around.  Having 3 little boys is pretty great!

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